Koowentu Technology is a small startup with a big vision: to build the next generation storytelling app that book and inspirational content lovers will love, as well as to link readers and authors via the power of reading, writing, and collaboration. We're a small group of five enthusiastic Filipino readers, authors, and developers that want to make books more accessible, useful, and entertaining for everyone.

Ninety million people around the world and seven million in the Philippines use other storytelling apps that haven't been updated in years, writers can't collaborate, and expensive & almost inaccessible books. New potential writers are less likely to be known because of the poor platform algorithm. Writers can't build their brand and they can't build a community of their readers of themselves and a chance to interact with them. We, as tale lovers, were fed up with this and determined to address the issue we'd witnessed firsthand. So we're creating the finest all-in-one storytelling, content-sharing, community, and collaboration app where authors can cooperate, engage with their readers, and users can enjoy reading personalized, customized, and free material.

Koowentu is still in a consistent development but all the signs are indicative of a smashing success. We're on the precipice of something truly remarkable.

Where people share stories together.