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Whether you're a professional writer, aspiring writer, or one day decided to write something as a hobby that happened to be your career, you can share your voice with the world. A place where you read, write, interact, and collaborate. All in one place.

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Koowentu is where you can share your voice with the world. Express your creativity or yourself through writing books! May it be a book for telling people about your own epic experiences, or a romantic scene you’ve always imagined, or even a word-by-word procedure of how your mom cooks those savory adobos. Koowentu allows you to create books on the go — in almost every book genre.


Read anytime

Read books anytime you want, even offline. Browse a personalized catalog of books, and keep them with you wherever, whenever.


Wide range of selections.

Stick with only one platform. Read and write books in a wide selection of genres. From novels to self-help books, accessible anytime, anywhere. We'll curate the books to your like, Just For You!


Share your voice.

Be a writer. Publish your own book, and form an endless bond with readers that love what you do.


Write books together.

Collaborate and team up with other writers like you. Create content that compounds multiple minds into one piece of art, together.

How Koowentu Works

Share your voice with the world with the power of Koowentu’s technology.


Share your voice with the world. Express yourself and your creativity through writing books: from novels to lifestyle and more!


Grow your community of readers. Interact with them with Koowentu’s features like Story Prompts, Only-Supporters Posting Feature, and more! Connect with your fanbase.


Team up with other authors to make books from several minds into a single magnum opus.

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